The Outside School offers both experiential learning in a wildlife habitat — on the hike to the Inn — as well as instructional programs. At the Inn, we educate students on what they can do to conserve and lower their carbon footprint and environmental impact through sustainability practices such as solar energy, composting toilets, native gardens, rain water catchment, and vermiculture. More formal curriculum may focus on subjects such as Forest and Wildlife Ecology, Geology and Earth Sciences, Watersheds and Water Conservation.

Our goal is to get more kids outside, engage and inspire them to be good stewards of natural resources,and hopefully foster a lifelong appreciation and deep relationship with nature. We truly believe hiking or simply being outside is a fun path to a healthy life. Study after study reinforces the idea that exposure to nature promotes strong physical, mental and emotional well being, improves self-esteem, and assists with discovering a vital sense of self and place.


You can help us to be a bridge for students to find their passion for sustainability, the outdoors, and hiking. We are a non-profit organization and generous donors and their donations make this all possible — for all of our children.