We’re excited to announce our largest solar initiative since opening in November 1998 - dubbed appropriately “Above The Grid.”


Although we’ve updated and added to our passive solar thermal water heating systems, we haven’t increased our photovoltaic capacity in fifteen years.

This new 53.72 kW(DC) photovoltaic solar system addition, installed by Radiance Solar, is significantly increasing our solar electric power at the Hike Inn, providing up to 69% of our annual electric energy needs.

A bi-directional meter was installed and the Above the Grid photovoltaic system was connected to the grid on July 27, 2017. Any extra solar energy produced the Hike Inn does not use enters into the grid for use down mountain. 

Guests have interactive opportunities to use and learn about solar energy during their stay and on our daily facility tour at 5:00pm.

We are able to monitor system production performance through SolarEdge monitoring platform.

Look here for monthly solar production updates:

August 2019 - 4.82 MWh


For more information on our Above the Grid solar project visit Hike Inn News from our monthly newsletter 'FooteNotes':  

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All of this would not be possible without the generous financial support of a grant from All Points North Foundation, a low interest loan from Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE) and the commitment of our Len Foote Hike Inn Board of Directors. 

Hike Inn 2017 solar initiative "Above the Grid " installed by    Radiance Solar   . Generation capacity 53.72 kW (DC).

Hike Inn 2017 solar initiative "Above the Grid " installed by Radiance Solar. Generation capacity 53.72 kW (DC).